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Mole Valley have reassessed future housing needs as part of  developing a new Local Plan, which shows that there is a significant shortfall between demand and identified supply. The council has therefore been exploring options to bridge this gap and held a public consultation that ran through July and August to obtain the views of all residents. The results of that consultation have now been published on the Future Mole Valley site HERE, together with initial conclusions.

Mole Valley will use this feedback and the evidence that they have gathered to identify a preferred direction that will be published for comment next year.


Welcome to Ashtead!

Welcome to Ashtead!

Our Plan is based on the current Mole Valley Core Strategy, with its attendant housing targets and existing Green Belt boundaries that safeguard the countryside around Ashtead from development. Our plan now forms part of the Development Plan for Mole Valley and will be used when assessing future planning applications within Ashtead.


At this point, we do not expect that the creation of this new Local Plan will alter our views on the policies that we have proposed in our NDP.



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Assisted by funding from SCC Local Committee (Mole Valley), the Thomas Flack Fund and Ashtead Resident's Association.

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