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The full council meeting on 6th December agreed to a referendum of Ashtead residents to adopt the Plan as an addition to council planning policy. This will occur on 4th May alongside local council elections in 2017. The latest Plan document is published HERE and on the Mole Valley site. We will deliver a newsletter to all households in April, setting out the issues.

The referendum question will be “Do you want Mole Valley District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Ashtead to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” If over 50% of those who vote in the referendum vote in favour, Mole Valley will incorporate our policies into their development plan.


We published our Plan in April 2016. Mole Valley District Council then published our NDP on their website (www.molevalley.gov.uk/localplans) as part of their district-wide consultation on its content. That consultation finished on 5th August 2016 and a summary of responses are shown, both HERE and on the Mole Valley site.

The Plan and all comments from that consultation were passed to an independent Examiner for review. The outcome of this independent review was favourable: we have followed the correct procedure, taken into account local views and proposed policies that are consistent with the council’s Core Strategy. The examiner proposed a number of small changes to policy wordings, including an increased emphasis on ensuring that in-fill developments take account of the style and character of houses in the immediate vicinity.

Our Plan is based on the current Mole Valley Core Strategy, with its attendant housing targets and existing Green Belt boundaries that safeguard the countryside around Ashtead from development. Mole Valley are in the process of reassessing future housing needs and developing a new Local Plan, which should be published in late 2017. At this point, we do not expect that the creation of this new Local Plan will alter our views on the policies that we have proposed in our NDP.


Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) was set up to make sure that Ashtead’s residents, businesses and organisations have a chance to shape the future development of building and housing  in our village by producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Welcome to Ashtead!

Welcome to Ashtead!

The Plan sets out a policy framework for any future development, covering infrastructure and transport needs, style and size of housing and the protection of the Green Belt and our historical heritage.



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Andy Ellis, founder of ACV


Assisted by funding from SCC Local Committee (Mole Valley), the Thomas Flack Fund and Ashtead Resident's Association.

Ashtead Community Vision

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